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Garrett is a lifestyle photographer with a knack for storytelling. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, but seems to travel anywhere to get the job done. Design, photography, and videography are his main focuses. His unique perspective in the creative industry is evident through his color aesthetic and derivative in his style. Storytelling is a key element he emphasizes through both his personal and professional work. The moments in between are what matters the most. It’s about the bigger picture and journey as a whole.

Supported Software

• Adobe® Premiere Pro®
• Blackmagicdesign® DaVinci Resolve®
• Apple® Final Cut Pro®

No. 04

Subtle Art of the Sauce

The Subtle Art of the Sauce is a color grading mini-course on how I apply the 5 LUTS I created for your film needs.

From lifestyle scenes, weddings, drone footage, and everything else in between, these LUTS have you covered. They were built out to take your color game to the next level with ease. Time to dive in and mix it up!

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Master Bundle

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Master Bundle


• Subtle Art of the Sauce (Shortstache)
• Basesets (Shortstache)
• Storytellers Workshop (Shortstache)
• Past and Present (Shortstache)
• RGB (Shortstache)

This is for anyone and everyone, but it helps to have some familiarity with both Premiere Pro and/or Davinci Resolve. The mini-course isn't a full breakdown on video editing, but it offers a quick guide to getting your footage corrected and then color graded with the sauce. I walk you through color correction with the included conversion LUTS for those filming in a flat color profile such as SLOG-2, SLOG-3, etc. If you didn't film in a flat color profile, not to worry, you can just use the stylistic LUTS straight over your footage. There will also be a translated Powergrade developed in Davinci Resolve for those more well versed in that program.

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• Photographer & Filmmaker:

Cas Sheridan

• Cinematographer & Editor:

Bobby Sonntag

Subtle Art of the Sauce

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