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DVLOP Introduces Dual Illuminant Profiles and Intelligent Presets. We have built a new platform from the ground up, the hard way, one camera at a time. We have reimagined presets as they should be - a tool that not only speeds up workflows, but one that also spurs creativity.
Jonas is a traveller with a deep love for telling stories that matter. His work focuses heavily on human connection and sometimes his images ask more questions than they answer. His pursuit in making people feel has made him one of the most sought-after wedding photographers around today.
Chrisman Studios began with Ben. Then along came Erin. Then Mauricio. Then Ryan. Together, these four photographers are known for photographs that are emotionally raw, beautifully mysterious, fearlessly sexy, and often downright surreal.
Nessa’s background is in illustration. She loves deep, saturated colors that could be straight out of a paint tube. Her first favorite photographer was William Eggleston, who used heavily saturated primary colors beautifully, intentionally and honestly. If she could get her hands on any film in the history of photography, it would be Kodachrome, and the way she processes her images are heavily inspired by that.
Kristen’s a bit sarcastic, a homebody and tends to dance in corners at large gatherings, but that doesn’t stop her inward sense of nurturing and wanting to help others. There’s an inner drive to connect with those around her, seeing them for as they are rather than what others want them to be.
DVLOP announces Gabe McClintock. Gabe travels the world shooting with a sense of wonder and adventure, focusing on the undeniable force of human connection. His art is in capturing the defining moment, and his images invoke a deep sense of intimacy; they demand feeling, and they leave you breathless, anticipating and longing for more.
DVLOP announces Jeff Newsom. Jeff is the Voltron of Awesomeness, a super robot currently in human form. His artistic vision is unique and never a derivative. And although robot he may be, his photography has incredible life and heartbeat. There is uncanny beauty and warmth in his images that speak of the human spirit.
We have been preparing this moment for some time, and very soon, DVLOP will launch. DVLOP is a community of photographers united to catalyze creativity and variety in photography. We didn’t set out to create more presets, we set out to create a new platform. We have deconstructed and reimagined presets as they should be. The result is the future of editing.