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Sam Hurd

Hours after being offered a job from a NASA contractor, Sam dropped everything to go all in as a political news and celebrity portrait photographer in DC. Sam was inevitably drawn to wedding photography as a space to promote more inventive ideas. His focus is on photographic techniques which, though deceptively simple, have potential to transform difficult or uninspiring shooting environments into one of a kind opportunities for every photo created.

The Prime Directive

CAPTURE ONE - Three things I love: warm tones, vivid colors, and Star Trek TNG. This pack includes my most used color and black and white settings along with all of the variations and tools needed to complete a full range of edits. Built on the DVLOP platform these versatile presets achieve rich skin tones and vibrant colors while retaining dynamic range to result in an honest, but enhanced picture of what the scene actually looked like. The toolkit includes a few of my favorite effects to unlock variable black points, retain blue skies, and rein in problematic skin tones.

Supported Software

• Compatible with Capture One® 11 or later (optimized for Capture One® 20 or later)

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The Prime Directive

This is my new starting point preset to warm up skin tones of any color and wrap images in a brown glow

Included Presets

  • 01.Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
  • 02.Make it So
  • 03.Set Phasers to Stun
  • 04.Resistance is Futile
  • 05.To Boldly Go
  • 06.Engage
$65.00 Buy this pack very-long-arrow Created with Sketch.


$65.00 Buy this pack very-long-arrow Created with Sketch.