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Nirav Patel

Nirav Patel, a San Francisco-based Fine Art Portrait and Wedding Photographer, is renowned for his emotive work that draws inspiration from quiet moments. With over 13 years of experience in portraiture and wedding photography, Nirav has developed a signature style that masterfully molds natural and artificial light to highlight expressions and emotions in a dramatic way. His work is deeply influenced by cinema, often weaving an open-ended narrative through his photographs. The intentional use of color further immerses the viewer into the mood and feeling of each image he captures, making his work a truly immersive experience.

Supported Software

• Adobe® Lightroom® Classic 7.3 or later
• Adobe® Camera Raw 10.4 or later

• Lightroom mobile presets included (LR Desktop required for syncing)

No. 01

Timeless Color Collection

Tuned For Impossible Things

ADOBE - The Timeless Color Collection is a project close to Nirav's heart. Every detail in this pack bears the imprint of Nirav's dedication. From achieving the perfect balance between shadows and highlights to creating color tones that breathe life into each frame. The Timeless Color Collection is designed for effortless use, allowing you to seamlessly integrate its beauty into your photos, simplifying the editing process without sacrificing quality.

• TCC Presets I, II, III, IV, V + Modifiers • Lotus Toolkit • Lightroom Mobile Presets (LR Desktop required for syncing) • TCC Tutorial

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Timeless Collection

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Timeless Collection


• Timeless Color Collection (Nirav Patel)
• Lotus BW (Nirav Patel)

Timeless Color Collection



  • TCC I
  • TCC II
  • TCC IV
  • TCC IV
  • TCC Modifiers
  • Lotus Toolkit
  • Lightroom Mobile Presets
  • TCC Tutorial
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• Versatile, Elegant and Timeless
• Easily adaptable for all lighting conditions
• Built for incredible skin tones
• Dual Illuminant camera profiles (LR Classic and ACR only)
• ISO Adaptive Presets (LR Classic 9.3 or later)

The Timeless Color pack is more than just a tool - it stands as a testament to enduring beauty. It's designed with a keen focus on enhancing a range of skin tones while balancing the impact of color on the environment. Its versatility introduces a timeless aesthetic that elegantly bridges the gap between bright and airy, and moody photography styles. There's no pretense in this pack, only pleasing colors that warmly embrace both portraits and weddings, enhancing their innate beauty.



This preset is a perfect blend of versatility and balance. It stands out as the most adaptable in the collection, offering clean, warm hues coupled with beautiful tonality that can elevate any photograph, regardless of the situation or setting. It's meticulously designed to bring out the richness and depth of colors, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your images. Its suitability for various lighting conditions makes it an ideal choice for covering an entire event and creating timeless portraits.


This preset is a close sibling to TCC-1, but with its own unique charm. This preset brings a warm and inviting feel to your images, infusing them with richer, warmer tones throughout. It's particularly notable for its treatment of greens, rendering them more natural and warmer compared to TCC-1, effectively enhancing the earthy elements in your captures. What sets this preset apart is its softer touch. It subtly reduces contrast, lending a gentle, dreamy quality to your photos without compromising on depth or detail. Like its counterpart, this pack is also suitable for editing an entire session seamlessly, maintaining a consistent aesthetic that ties your images together beautifully.


This preset is a 'Flash Favorite’. It’s specifically designed to bring out the best in your flash photography. This preset excels in editing direct flash photographs, transforming them by applying flattering tones that enhance the illumination effect and give your images a professional finish. While it can certainly be applied to non-flash images, its true potential shines when used with flash photography, turning what could be harsh lighting into a beautifully balanced visual photograph.


This preset is a personal favorites from the pack. It offers a striking color treatment characterized by cooler tones while maintaining beautiful skin tones. This preset has proven itself to be an exceptional tool for editing entire sessions and portrait shoots. It has a unique ability to add just the perfect pop to images while still offering a wonderful balance of shadows and highlights.. Furthermore, it translates beautifully onto print, ensuring your photographs look as stunning in hand as they do on screen.


This distinctive preset brings a splash of uniqueness to your portfolio with its incredibly rich tones. This preset is my go-to for indoor photography and images that require a cinematic touch, especially in mixed lighting conditions. When the ambiance dips into lower light, this preset comes alive. It's designed to add an elegant and artist touch to dimly lit scenes.



For images that need the extra contrast, this gives the photos two levels of contrast boost for quicker edits.


This provides a subtle recovery of detail in the highlight areas of an image.


Quickly adjust skintones to remove redness.



Adds different levels of grain to your image.


Fixes lens distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberration.


Straightens and fixes angled lines.


Further fixes what standard lens correction missed by removing more purple and green lens fringing.


Also included is a online tutorial document that provides instructions on how to optimally use and apply the preset pack, following the methods used by Nirav. This invaluable resource ensures that you can harness the full potential of the presets, helping you to enhance your images.


For those seeking to construct a complete story, consider blending this pack with the Lotus Black and White pack. When used together, they create a tapestry of images that not only freeze moments in time but also weave compelling narratives. With the Timeless Color pack, you're not just capturing photographs; you're telling stories, crafting memories, and preserving moments in the most beautiful way.

TCC by Nirav Patel

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