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Nirav Patel

Nirav Patel, a San Francisco-based Fine Art Portrait and Wedding Photographer, is renowned for his emotive work that draws inspiration from quiet moments. With over 13 years of experience in portraiture and wedding photography, Nirav has developed a signature style that masterfully molds natural and artificial light to highlight expressions and emotions in a dramatic way. His work is deeply influenced by cinema, often weaving an open-ended narrative through his photographs. The intentional use of color further immerses the viewer into the mood and feeling of each image he captures, making his work a truly immersive experience.

Supported Software

• Adobe® Lightroom® 4 or later (Classic)
• Adobe® Camera Raw 10.3 or later
• Adobe® Lightroom® CC Desktop 1.4 or later and Mobile (Non-Classic)

No. 02


Tuned For Impossible Things

ADOBE - Five years in the making, this preset pack is the culmination of endless nights of adjusting levels and colors to create a versatile yet impactful set featuring beautiful skin tones while delivering a uniquely artful touch. The pack’s versatility gives you the ability to go from incredibly timeless fine art images for portraits and weddings to a moody, painterly cinematic feel for images that you want to take to the next level.

• Lotus Preset + Modifiers • Chroma Preset + Modifiers • Gamma Preset + Modifiers • Luma Preset + Modifiers • Lotus Toolkit • Lightroom Mobile Presets (LR Desktop required for syncing) • Workshop Videos

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Lotus Collection

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Lotus Collection


• Lotus (Nirav Patel)
• Lotus BW (Nirav Patel)




  • Lotus Preset + Modifiers
  • Chroma Preset + Modifiers
  • Gamma Preset + Modifiers
  • Luma Preset + Modifiers
  • Lotus Tools
  • Lightroom Mobile Presets
  • Over 1.5 hours of Workshop Videos
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• Versatile, Artful and Timeless
• Easily adaptable for all lighting conditions
• Built for incredible skin tones
• Dual Illuminant camera profiles (LR Classic and ACR only)
• ISO Adaptive Presets (LR Classic 9.3 or later)



If you’re looking for a preset that has that filmic feel but can transition well into moodier photographs and is versatile enough to work in just about any lighting condition, look no further. For the past 5 years I’ve been meticulously working with color to perfect a preset that would be timeless and elegant while also allowing me to be moody and cinematic where I need it. Built around skin tones, this preset makes it easy to get beautiful edits with minimal adjustments.

Modifiers: Contrast, Dynamic Range, Lift Black Point, Mute


My go to preset for editing portraits. It will breath life into your images by adding the perfect accent of color and contrast. This is how I get the filmy and painterly look for a lot of my portrait work. Beautiful balance of warmth and blues. Skin tones were again a big priority with this set. My educational video will guide you on how to customize and tweak this preset in order to harness the full potential of what you can create with it and how you can customize it to work the way you want.

Modifiers: Contrast, Lift Black Point, Mute, Skintones, Warm Shift, Tone 1


A specialty preset that works well on high contrast or direct sunlight portraits. It softens the images out while giving photos a warm and muted feel. Simple tweaks with white balance or using the split toning can give you so many color options and feels with this one which makes it a great base to create your own custom presets. I go over exactly how to do this in my included workshop.

Modifiers: Contrast, Lift Black Point, Mute


Another cinematic preset that’s similar to Gamma but with added punch & new tonality. This preset focuses on yellow highlights and blue shadows inspired by some of my favorite cinematic films. My video tutorial will go over customization options so you can get a multitude of looks and feels out this preset just like the others.

Modifiers: Contrast, Lift Black Point, Mute, Tone 1



With the contrast plus and minus modifiers you can add or take away contrast from images to get the feel of the photograph just right.


An increase in dynamic range of the image by recovering highlight detail and lifting the shadows.


Softens the darkest parts of your images to give them a matted look and feel.


Subtle softening of the images in the highlights and shadows. Best used for very high contrast photographs.


Helps to correct overly red or orange skin tones.


I use this a lot of cooler image to warm up the skin tones. Whenever I use this, I always pull the white balance a bit more cooler to balance the image out.


Shifts the shadows into a more bluish tone.


Split toning is pushed for more prominent yellow in the highlights and blues in the shadows.



Adds different levels of grain to your image.


Fixes lens distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberration.


Straightens and fixes angled lines.


Further fixes what standard lens correction missed by removing more purple and green lens fringing.


In this workshop with over 1.5 hours of video, Nirav covers his techniques for creative and beautiful color grades. He talks about the most important tools in post production that he uses and how to apply them to get the most out of Lotus. If you ever considered doing an online mentoring session to learn about color grading from Nirav, this included session is a huge added value to the Lotus pack as it covers just about everything you need to know about how he approaches his edits and how to customize presets to get the colors you've always dreamed of getting.

LOTUS by Nirav Patel

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