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Jose Villa

Jose Villa is a film photographer who resides in Santa Barbara, California but calls the world his home. Named one of the top Wedding Photographers in the World by Vogue, Martha Stewart Wedding, and Harper's Bazaar, Jose has also been recognized as one of the most influential photographers of our decade by PDN. His clients range from celebrities to social media moguls, and his images can be found in publications worldwide.

Supported Software

• Adobe® Lightroom® 4 or later (Classic)
• Adobe® Camera Raw CS6 or later
• Adobe® Lightroom® CC Desktop  1.4 or later and Mobile (Non-Classic)

• Lightroom mobile presets included (LR Desktop required for syncing)

No. 02

For the Love of Film - Fuji

Tuned For Impossible Things

ADOBE - Photographers love Fuji film for its beautiful, organic results. This film is popular for delivering a soft, pastel, light and airy look. Skin tones are more neutral with the color palette leaning on a cooler green and cyan base. This film is extremely versatile - perfect for weddings, portraits and outdoor photography.

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For the Love of Film - Fuji

Cool your shadows and soften your highlights with this preset, all while maintaining fine grain. The combination of this film and the Noritsu scanner will yield gorgeous warm skin tones coupled with cool highlights and shadows.

Included Presets

  • 01.Fuji 160ns - Noritsu
  • 02.Fuji 400h - Noritsu
  • 03.Fuji 800npz - Noritsu
  • 04.Fuji 160ns - Frontier
  • 05.Fuji 400h - Frontier
  • 06.Fuji 800npz - Frontier
  • 07.FTLOF - Fuji 160ns - Noritsu
  • 08.FTLOF - Fuji 400h - Noritsu
  • 09.FTLOF - Fuji 800npz - Noritsu
  • 10.FTLOF - Fuji 160ns - Frontier
  • 11.FTLOF - Fuji 400h - Frontier
  • 12.FTLOF - Fuji 800npz - Frontier
  • 13.Smooth - Fuji 160ns - Noritsu
  • 14.Smooth - Fuji 400h - Noritsu
  • 15.Smooth - Fuji 800npz - Noritsu
  • 16.Smooth - Fuji 160ns - Frontier
  • 17.Smooth - Fuji 400h - Frontier
  • 18.Smooth - Fuji 800npz - Frontier

Bonus Tools

    FTLOF Tool Kit

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For the Love of Film - Fuji comes packed with 18 film emulation presets. Each preset was individually created using DVLOP’s advanced color magic and utilizes DVLOP’s dual-illuminant profile system.

The presets include 3 films, processed with 2 scanners with 3 styling treatments.



With a slower ISO, this film provides smoother skin tones with minimal grain. The highlight to shadow gradation of this film is especially key, and perfect for images shot in bright, contrasty light.


A photographer favorite (and one of Jose’s favorites). Fuji 400H produces incredibly soft and natural skin tones while delivering ideal color saturation in the shadows and highlights.


With minimal evident grain, this film provides a warm and luminous look when exposing to the shadows. If you prefer a more magenta and warm feel, this film is for you.



Perfect for images you want to add a punch of vivid colors to.

• Naturally more contrasty and soft
• Rich black point
• Lush, golden skin tones
• Cooler shadow tones


Popular for its light and airy qualities.

• Beautiful, pink skin tones
• Warmer shadow tones
• Slightly sharper, more texture
• Incredible highlight retention
• Soft blacks



These presets take every step necessary to recreate and emulate the skin tones and subtleties of the film scans direct from the lab.


Jose often edits his scans. This set builds off of the standard presets but includes Jose’s typical adjustments to minimize grain, downplay colorcast in shadows and add a little punch to the black.


Retaining the magic of the film but designed to take advantage of the digital playing field. The smooth variety removes all hints of grain, adds a true black point and renders smoother gradients in the shadows.


$175.00 Buy this pack very-long-arrow Created with Sketch.

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