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Kristen Marie Parker

Kristen’s a bit sarcastic, a homebody and tends to dance in corners at large gatherings, but that doesn’t stop her inward sense of nurturing and wanting to help others. There’s an inner drive to connect with those around her, seeing them for as they are rather than what others want them to be. Kristen has translated that into her photography, documenting people and their interactions to equal what they represent and showcasing the honesty and quiet moments between people.


CAPTURE ONE - Kristen pushes herself to document all different types of light during the day. These presets reflect and emphasize those different types of light. From getting ready to portraits to the reception, Kristen loves having a single look and depending on the time of day and where the sun is, that might change how your files are represented. Included is Kristen’s favorite direct sunlight and noon time preset as well as a look she uses for her on camera reception shots and even a dusk preset for when you just barely missed your sunset window but kept pressing on and shooting.

Supported Software

• Compatible with Capture One® 11 or later (optimized for Capture One® 20 or later)

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A look that can be placed on nearly anything, this preset is meant to deepen your blacks, tone down your skin tones and foliage and provide a feel that is more cinematic like what you see in motion pictures. I use this look on everything from getting ready until end of the night. Since we do have a lot of of plants and trees and grass here in Seattle, I love having the look of the greens and yellows muted a tad to not take away from the subjects in the image.

Included Presets

  • 01.The KMP Signature
  • 02.After Sunset
  • 03.After Sunrise
  • 04.Moody BW
  • 05.Ah My Eyes
$65.00 Buy this pack very-long-arrow Created with Sketch.


$65.00 Buy this pack very-long-arrow Created with Sketch.