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Gabe McClintock

Gabe travels the world shooting with a sense of wonder and adventure, focusing on the undeniable force of human connection. His art is in capturing the defining moment, and his images invoke a deep sense of intimacy; they demand feeling, and they leave you breathless, anticipating and longing for more. There is heart and emotion in Gabe’s photography, and you can’t help but be touched by it.


CAPTURE ONE - Roam is created to provide a balanced and versatile look that works in all lighting situations. Built upon the DVLOP Dual Illuminant camera profiles, this preset works equally with any supported camera. Roam uses the new DVLOP premier preset format and includes 11 unique Roam specific modifiers for the perfect balance between situational versatility and overall style consistency.

Supported Software

• Compatible with Capture One® 11 or later (optimized for Capture One® 20 or later)

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Roam might just be preset lightning in a bottle.  Balanced, tuned, tested, and tweaked to perfection, Roam renders warm and true skin tones while displaying some genuine light and shadow magic.

Included Presets

  • 01.Roam
  • 02.-After Sun
  • 03.-Blacks - Deepen
  • 04.-Party Flash
  • 05.-Recover All
  • 06.-Recover Highlights
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All roads lead to Roam

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