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DVLOP is editing evolved. We are focused on creating tools that not only speed up workflows, but ones that also spur creativity. These customized tools are the next evolution in DVLOP innovation.

Tweaks and Leaks

[IMPORTANT: For Lightroom Classic 7.3 and later] Alongside the most recent release of Lightroom, DVLOP introduces a whole way to add the finishing touches to your edit. Included in this Tweaks and Leaks pack are 30 custom tweaks, 10 custom leaks and 12 brushes.

Supported Software

• Adobe® Lightroom® Classic 7.3 or later

Tweaks and Leaks

[Tweaks 02] - Image by Fer Juaristi

Included Presets

  • 01.Tweaks 01-06
  • 02.Tweaks 07-12
  • 03.Tweaks 13-18
  • 04.Tweaks 19-24
  • 05.Tweaks 25-30
  • 06.Leaks 01-10

Bonus Tools

    Orange Brush
    Pink Brush
    Warm Pink Brush
    White Brush

Tweaks and Leaks Demo

Tweaks are powered by Adobe's new profile browser and can be applied non-destructively to your raw files along with the ability to adjust the opacity. Leaks are hand painted additions built using the radial gradient tool. Not only can the Leak opacity be adjusted using the included pre-defined brushes, but the color and effect can be modified completely to your liking.