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Two Mann Studios - Shreya and Manos

Hyderabad, India



30 hours of planes, trains and rickshaws brought us half way around the world to Golkonda Resort outside the madness of Hyderabad. There, we witnessed a small army essentially transform the already tranquil grounds into a shining ethereal oasis. Figuratively and literally, the stage had been set.

Words cannot describe that which would transpire throughout the following 4 days (and we couldn’t understand a single word of the commentary which attempted to). What we witnessed and documented was essentially a non-stop, swirling, whirling celebration of sacred earth, fire, water, air, and turmeric… so much turmeric!

All images edited with Double IPA, Amarone, Margarita and Espresso from Mystical Potions



Moments happen all around us. From a stolen glance on the wedding day to a passionate first kiss to tequila taking center stage at a raging reception party. Moments are everywhere. What matters is that they were captured to be remembered again and again.

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