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Tutorial - Zauberchroma

Jide Alakija

I like drama and dance, but at the same time, I like to think and feel. Being influenced by my expressive African culture, color and vibrancy are the basis of my presets. When it comes to monochrome, it’s all about focus and the reduction of literal noise and distractions.



  • Baloo
  • Dory
  • Simba
  • Rio
  • Infinity
  • Midnight
  • Bonus Tools:

  • Mid Tone Shift - Green
  • Mid Tone Shift - Neutral
  • Mid Tone Shift - Red
  • Baloo
    Mute the color and contrast, and lay back and float down the river with the bare necessities. This preset is awesome for those times when color is more of a distraction than an enhancer.

    Try the Dory preset when your blues are a little lost and need a new tone. Combine this with an adjusted white balance for a magical look. This somewhat flat preset works especially well on darker images with less contrast.

    This one is for strong, vibrant purples, reds, and blues! Simba might also make you want to samba, and crank up the color and music on the dance floor.

    The next level up from Simba (and his samba): now you have some backup dancers joining in. The skin tones are lifted and contrast reduced, with more fill in the shadows.

    Clean and clear monochrome. It’s a way to dream without the distraction of a sharp contrast. Faces glow with this preset.

    Infinity’s older, moodier monochrome sibling. More drama and less glow.