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Tutorial - The Show Series

Susan Stripling

I have always worked towards a clean, timeless look to my wedding photography. I'm a huge fan of strong light, dark shadows, and the juxtaposition between the two. I'm also a fan of marching to the beat of my own drummer, not changing the look of my work as industry trends come and go. To stay true to my style, we've created a set of crisp presets to enhance the reality in my images. From the bright clarity of a sunlit day to the strength of a nuanced black and white, from flash to video light, we've created presets to cleanly finish images in any situation.

The Show Series Contents


  • All We See Is Sky
  • Curious Cat
  • Dead Girl Walking
  • I Believe
  • Rise Up
  • Bonus Tools:

  • Green Shift
  • Vignette 50%
  • Vignette Zero
  • All We See Is Sky
    Today is going to be a good day, and here’s why: because here is a crisp, clean preset designed to make your images pop. Unfussy and to the point, a great primer preset for all situations. I use this as a starter on 99% of my images.

    Curious Cat
    Feline, fearless, faithful and true. A vibrantly simple preset with added warmth, perfect for sunny days or when you need a little glow to your images. I use this when I need a little extra kick to my naturally lit images.

    Dead Girl Walking
    Let’s make this beautiful. A super versatile black and white preset for all types of images. Kind to shadows and highlights alike, with great depth and nuance. I use this every time I need a black and white, it works in all situations and scenarios.

    I Believe
    I would like to share with you the most amazing preset. Designed to pop even the drabbest of reception images. This one is built for flash and artificial light. Hello!

    Rise Up
    Every action’s an act of creation with this preset designed for artificial light. Warm up your final image, and then go buy Hamilton tickets with all the time and money you just saved editing.