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Tutorial - Passages

Davina + Daniel

davina + daniel

As storytellers, our purpose is to show what a wedding felt like throughout the entire day. Our edits are a continuation of this mission; they are mood enhancers meant to bring life to the moments and scenes which make each wedding unique.



  • Paro
  • El Viejo
  • Hyder
  • Marfa
  • Korakia
  • St Henri
  • Bonus Tools:

  • D+D Noise Reduction
  • D+D Sharpening
  • D+D Vignette
  • D+D Dodge Brush
  • D+D Punch Brush
  • D+D Skin Soften Brush
  • Paro
    (classic colour) - Our classic colour edit, used for the majority of the images in our clients’ gallery. Clean and bright to enhance the image while preserving skin tones.

    El Viejo
    (ambient reception) - Inspired by the romantic candlelit dinners we’ve photographed at San Jose El Viejo in Antigua, Guatemala, this preset enhances the warmth and feel of a reception where ambient light is used.

    (environmental) - Inspired by the most colourful place we know, in the most colourful city we know, Casa Hyder in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, this is the full shebang edit we use to give extra punch to our environmental portraits.

    (backlight) - Inspired by the golden light of Texas, Marfa brings a backlit image to life with warm and vibrant tones.

    (dance floor) - Our go-to edit for dance-floor images taken with on-camera bounced flash.

    (black and white) - Our classic black and white edit, punchy with deep blacks and lots of contrast, inspired by the grungy streets of our old neighbourhood in Montreal.