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Tutorial - Pale Blue Dot

Samm Blake

My presets are based on the images I see floating around in my head, pulled from memories and emotions from traveling. When designing this pack, I wanted to streamline my editing as much as possible, so all the presets have been made to only needing minor tweaks, mostly with just white balance and contrast.


  • Jupiter
  • Mars
  • Mercury
  • Mercury V2
  • Mercury V3
  • Neptune
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
    (Best for all lighting conditions, day & night) - My everyday go to for editing color work - I love the colors it achieves across an entire day of shooting, from inside to outside and from dark ambient candle light to flash. It plays with the highlights and shadows to give the images a lovely buttery and slightly desaturated feel while still maintaining beautiful skin tones.

    (Best for dark ambient images when photographed in candle light) - This preset is designed entirely for candle light and dark ambient night shots when you have not used flash and want to show what the ambience in the room was like. It is designed to take orange skin tone to a more brownish muted tone. It works well with shots that have been exposed for the highlights or even on the little underexposed side.

    (Best for natural light black and white photographs) - My go to black and white preset and mostly used for natural light / ambient images. I made this preset to work across many different lighting conditions, from natural window light to super dark low light where you are shooting at ISO 32000. I always apply this BW preset first to any image to see if it works, and only if I am experiencing highlight / contrast issues will I jump to either the V2 or V3 versions of the preset.

    Mercury V2
    (Best for black and white flash photographs) - My preset for black and white images taken at night with direct flash, it shows a little more detail in the shadows then my main Mercury preset. Mercury V2 brings in a little more highlight detail which I like for people’s skin so they do not look too washed out with the direct flash.

    Mercury V3
    (Best for black and white photographs where you need to bring the details back in the whites) - Mercury V3 is best used for black and white images where you need to bring back detail into highlights - I always want to keep detail in my blacks and in the whites, always keeping an eye if I am blowing out detail in a white dress, so this variation really take this into account.

    (Best for images that have cyan tones to them - images taken near the water or twilight sky shots) - This preset was made for images that favor a cyan palette and works best on images taken at twilight or images that are heavy with blueish tones, like ocean or sky. It makes the blue's a lovely muted color. It also works well on ambient night shots as the cyan plays on the yellow tones that are normally super heavy and saturated.

    (Best for low contrast, underexposed images that you want to keep that way) - Designed for my love of underexposed images. It plays heavily on the highlights, grain and low contrast. I find this preset works best on images that are low key to create lovely soft watercolor like muted images. This preset is my go to when editing non wedding related work.