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DVLOP Styles now on Capture One

California, USA

DVLOP introduces Capture One Styles designed to promote creativity. Partnering with leading photographers around the world, DVLOP has worked hand-in-hand to recreate each artist’s signature look into a diverse set of styles. The DVLOP system offers a powerful solution for both photographers looking to streamline their workflow and for photographers looking to level up their creativity. Styles can be applied as designed and tweaked for an efficient workflow or by using the DVLOP modular style system to create entirely new looks. This broad collection of styles can be blended, mixed, matched and rearranged to better represent the tastes of the user.

Top (left to right): Jose Villa - For the Love of Film, Chris Burkard - Sunlight, Gabe Mclintock - Roam
Bottom: Kristen Marie Parker - Parkerisms, Samm Blake - Pale Blue Dot, Two Mann Studios - Mystical Potions


Every DVLOP style pack is finely tuned for Capture One, utilizing the latest advancements of its most recent release. Each pack includes additional components made for natural mixing of styles, and come loaded with multiple workspaces custom built for each photographer’s specific needs - speed, control and familiarity.

The initial launch includes style packs from the following artists: Jose Villa, Chris Burkard, Two Mann Studios, Gabe McClintock, Kristen Marie Parker, Susan Stripling, Fer Juaristi, Sam Hurd, Samm Blake, Victor Lax, Chrisman Studios, Jide Alakija, Nessa Kessinger, Davina + Daniel, Jeff Newsom and Jonas Peterson.


New to Capture One? Interested but don't know where to start?

Join David Grover of Capture One and Jeff Newsom of DVLOP as they walk through the basics of Capture One and DVLOP Styles.

- WHEN: Monday, March 16, 2020, 10 AM PST

Examples of DVLOP Styles:

Header Image by Chris Burkard and edited with Sunset Dynamic