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Announcing - Víctor Lax

Barcelona, Spain

Víctor Lax is a wedding photographer based in Spain who travels around the world telling stories with his camera in unique ways. He loves music, visual arts and spending time with friends.




For the first 10 years of his career, Víctor was a photojournalist for the most important newspapers and agencies in his country. During those years, Víctor worked tirelessly around the clock and learned a great deal about photography. In 2009, Víctor was invited by colleagues to apply his knowledge of photojournalism to their wedding. Reluctant about the idea of shooting weddings, Víctor hesitantly took the assignment. At that first wedding, Víctor was dazzled by this new world of photography and discovered that there were other ways to capture the day. In fact, there were no tricks or gimmicks, just special moments on a special day for a couple.

Víctor works with his wife and partner, Erika, to photograph couples around the world. They also offer seminars and workshops in many different countries. Recently, Victor was named one of the best wedding photographers in the world for some of the most important wedding directories. In 2019, for the second time, Víctor was honored as the Photographer of the Year by Fearless Photographers.



Fearless Photographers is a directory of top wedding photographers. Their awards are among the industry's most prestigious and hardest to achieve. Each year the photographer who has collected the most awards is honored as the Fearless Photographer of the Year. As part of this year's honor, DVLOP has teamed with Fearless Photographers and Víctor Lax to design, create and release a pack that translates Víctor's incredible artistry and style. Months in the making, we are proud to present - Haribo.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund.

You take every photo two times - the first one when you press the shutter and the second one when you edit it. This handmade presets have been designed and crafted by Victor Lax and the team at DVLOP to live the experience through powerful colors, high contrast and high dynamic range. Pure Lax spirit.

I love to explore a new way in wedding photography, working with strong light in a very special and unique way and capturing the mood of the moment. I think wedding wedding photography is something more than capturing rings or flowers. I like to say I am not a wedding photographer, I am only a photographer who loves to photograph couples and capture the feelings and emotions that are generated by them.

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