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Announcing - Samm Blake

New York, USA

Samm Blake is an Australian photographer currently living and working out of Brooklyn, New York. Combining a fine art photography & journalism background with a skilled and sensitive eye for portraiture, her images garnered acclaim for their honesty, vulnerability, and unfeigned connection to its subjects. She photographs celebrations across the world, from Iceland to Indonesia, the UK to the UAE and beyond, always bringing a unique editorial and artistic sensibility to the wedding world.





My presets are based on the images I see floating around in my head, pulled from memories and emotions from traveling. My black and white preset is based from my days in the darkroom and a heavy dose of inspiration from photojournalists of the 1980's. My black and whites have become one of my most trademark looks. For my color editing, I always like to create a strong consistency of color and tone across the entire wedding day when editing, so my main preset (Jupiter) has been designed to work across the entire day, from daylight to direct flash. The three other color presets have been designed for when I really want to play on the color and tone, to help evoke a particular mood or feeling or when I really want to show the atmosphere of a space. They play on my love for underexposure and are a mix of graininess, low contrast, cool and brown tones, made after spending a week getting lost in Tokyo.

Growing up in a remote part of Australia, I spent my teenage years falling madly in love with photography, spending hours upon hours in darkrooms to disconnect from my immediate surroundings but also quickly learning that photography gave me the ability to connect with people and the world. I always dreamt of being elsewhere and photography was my escape. Leaving home as soon as I could with a Mamiya 6 and 200 rolls of film in toe, I spent my early 20's backpacking the world. During that time, I learnt that weddings were what I wanted to pursue fully and intentionally. I love that weddings give me the ability to connect with individuals in such a unique way. I love that I get to step into their lives for a day, to experience how differently cultures and religion's celebrate love. While I prefer the sea, stars, and untouched greenery to city lights and skyscrapers, I moved to New York City because I cannot seem to shake my desire and need to constantly explore and seek new things. - Samm

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