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Announcing - Jide Alakija

New York, USA

Jide Alakija is an internationally renowned photographer shooting multicultural weddings, documentaries and editorial campaigns across the globe. Alakija’s assignments have taken him to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the U.S. Alakija cites the work of legendary photographers, Sebastião Salgado and Steve McCurry, known for capturing stories in black and white and color respectively, as his biggest inspirations.



I like drama and dance, but at the same time, I like to think and feel. Being influenced by my expressive African culture, color and vibrancy are the basis of my presets. When it comes to monochrome, it’s all about focus and the reduction of literal noise and distractions.

Plain and simple, I love to tell stories. However, I'm not an amazing writer, so I communicate through my photography instead. I have a passion for creating photographic art that speaks of people, places and memories. There is a story in nearly every situation one encounters. These experiences, whether weddings, events or other documentary projects, are the very things that have molded and developed my images.

When I'm working I prefer not to interfere with the event and situations I find myself in. Capturing the reality, moments and the stories is my focus.

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