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Announcing - Davina + Daniel

Montreal, Canada

Davina and Daniel are wife and husband, parents to Max and Charlie, partners in every sense of the word. They travel all over the world - often with their kids in tow - to tell wedding stories. They believe in the power of photography for art and for history, and that beauty can be found in the most striking of landscapes and the most subtle of gestures. 





As storytellers, our purpose is to show what a wedding felt like throughout the entire day. Our edits are a continuation of this mission; they are mood enhancers meant to bring life to the moments and scenes which make each wedding unique.

We started our relationship with wedding photography, and with each other, when we were in our early 20s. We met when Daniel was a freelance photographer for the magazine and Davina was interning while in Journalism School. We launched into business together almost immediately, with the hubris only young inexperienced people tend to possess, making a ton of mistakes and getting burned out along the way, yet emerging from the other side with a clear goal of traveling for weddings, and a desire to create unique storytelling images for our couples.

A decade later and we are living that reality, with two young kids along for the ride, traveling the world to photograph weddings. Older and a tad wiser, we have found a renewed sense of passion for our career as we’ve discovered that wedding photography, to us, is about true connection, meaningful moments, and subtle, quiet moments that can speak volumes. Our kids have been our greatest and purest source of inspiration. We also have a penchant for creative portraiture, often incorporating the landscapes and environments of our clients’ unique and varied wedding locations.

We are the co-founders of The Image Salon in Montreal, and we live (most of the time) in the woods by a lake in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, Canada. We have photographed hundreds of weddings in over 30 countries around the world, have been featured in dozens of international publications, and are award-winning members of several international photography contest organizations.