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Two Mann Studios

Based out of the Canadian Rockies, Two Mann Studios is Erika and Lanny Mann. Together, they bring a unique and highly sought-after style of documentary photography to wedding celebrations all over the world. Their goal is bold and simple - to tell stories through compelling images that transcend wedding photography.

Mystical Potions

ADOBE - These hand-crafted presets have been finely-tuned to achieve the dramatic look and feel of Two Mann Studios’ powerfully immersive images. Designed to bring about photographs that jump off the screen and envelop viewers within visually-impactful imagery, these punchy presets enrich colours, accentuate tonal extremes, and dramatize the interplay of light and shadow.

Supported Software

• Adobe® Lightroom® 4 or later
• Adobe® Camera Raw CS6 or later

• Lightroom mobile presets included (LR Desktop required for syncing)

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Mystical Potions

This savoury, full-bodied preset is big, bold and succulent. Characterized by deep luscious colours, an intense tonal range, and an earthy complexity, this preset is quintessential Two Mann.

Included Presets

  • 01.Amarone
  • 02.Double IPA
  • 03.Espresso
  • 04.Margarita
  • 05.Jagerbomb

Bonus Tools

    Classic Sharpen
    3D Sharpen
    Two Mann Dodge Brush
    Two Mann Burn Brush

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$85.00 Buy this pack very-long-arrow Created with Sketch.