Visual Flow

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Visual Flow

Using DVLOP's camera profile technology, we're able to create a unified starting point for our Color Engine. What does this mean for you? Consistent colors regardless of your camera's make and model.

Supported Software

• Adobe® Lightroom® 4 or later
• Adobe® Camera Raw CS6 or later
• Adobe® Lightroom® CC Desktop 1.4 or later and Mobile

No. 02

The Pastel Pack

Pastel is designed for portrait photographers who love beautifully soft skin tones and color inspired by the pastel tones of Fuji 400h and other pastel film stocks. It's best used when photographers want to create bright and airy images that have subtle and natural color tones. Your Download Includes: • Pastel Pack Installer (powered by DVLOP) • 10 Lighting Condition-Based Presets (Pastel Pack) • Lighting conditions include: Soft Light, Hard Light, HDR Natural, Backlit, Flash, Tungsten, Tungsten Mix, Over Saturated, Green Tint, Black & White

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Pastel Bundle

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Pastel Bundle


• Retouching Toolkit (Visual Flow)
• The Pastel Pack (Visual Flow)